Sennheiser Communications

Working at Sennheiser Communications

Working at Sennheiser Communications
Ongoing development and variety in the working environment are fundamental parts of Sennheiser Communications’ business mission for its employees. There are a number of clearly formulated, written assumptions about how employees function optimally and develop within their roles. These assumptions range from employees wishing to accept responsibility and take on challenging tasks, to them desiring as much freedom as possible and wanting to be treated as partners in the company.

Sennheiser Communications has styled the entire organisation according to these assumptions, and both efforts and decisions made by the management team are based upon these values. Ultimately, it is the contribution of the employees on a daily basis that creates results and develops the workplace.

At Sennheiser Communications, we treat managerial tasks in much the same way as any other type of assignment. Our organisation is relatively flat with a culture based on the philosophy that an individual's point of view is more important than his or her title. With independent, responsible employees and colleagues, managerial tasks are performed at ground level. Mutual respect develops automatically because most of our managers started at the same place as everyone else.

One of our most important tasks is to ensure that we abide by our fundamental human values. These should be reflected in the way we behave, the way we express ourselves and the way we tackle both light-hearted and serious situations. Managers must also be prepared to discuss these values with any employee – on the initiative of either party.

Since Sennheiser Communications’ style of working is project-based, managers are there to make certain that people have enough space as individuals, that work is moving in the right direction and, where necessary, to ensure clarity. In other words: they must clear the track of any obstacles and see to it that the individual and the team as a whole are achieving both personal and corporate goals.

Employees of Sennheiser Communications can expect dedicated, respectful and consistently good management, in keeping with our human values.